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Global Climate Agreement Struck

14 Dec 2015 10:16

Historic Agreement ‘Brings Us Together’: Now for the Hard Part

ETS Review out

24 Nov 2015 17:28

The Government is reviewing the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme and welcomes your feedback. Information on the review and how to make a submission.

Groser hints at boost for carbon prices

24 Nov 2015 10:36

The Government has given the clearest signal yet that it intends to push carbon prices up as part of a package to meet the expected $30 billion cost of New Zealand’s 2030 emissions reduction target.

The Paris Climate Conference: Last Chance for Planet Earth?

04 Nov 2015 08:35

“Everything is coming together as everything is coming apart.” So said Jamie Henn, strategy and communications director at

Price on carbon key to a sustainable future

04 Nov 2015 08:33

The Government’s failure to place a price on agriculture emissions, as recommended by Ministry for the Environment officials, is hurting New Zealand’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and also hurting farmers who must plan for the future, the Green Party said today.