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Trees destroyed as New Zealand climate change policy fails

13 Jan 2014 11:08

Unwanted tree seedlings are being killed with herbicide as New Zealand's attempts to mitigate the problem of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change falter, a leading academic said Friday.

A year on, climate policy still a disgrace

13 Jan 2014 11:06

Govt stance cannot be reconciled with its forecasts of emissions growth in latest policy report to the UN

More deforestation following ETS changes

16 Sep 2013 08:52

The Government is cherry-picking figures and trying to ignore that their own reports show increases in deforestation following their weakening of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), the Green Party said today.

Carbon credits boost bottom line

16 Sep 2013 08:50

City Forests has made a killing in New Zealand's emissions trading scheme, from a windfall sale of New Zealand carbon units for more than $20 each

Tim Groser accuses Forest Owners of “Self Interest

27 Aug 2013 11:22

Tim Groser accuses Forest Owners of self interest - David Rhodes of the Forestry Association disagrees